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Newnan’s Trusted Pressure Washing: Patriot Pro-Wash

If you're in need of pressure washing services in Newnan, then our combat veteran-owned pressure washing company is the one to call. We offer a wide range of commercial to residential pressure washing services such as roof cleaning, driveway washing, and everything in between! No matter your Newnan property's cleaning needs, we at Patriot Pro-Wash have got you covered. Give us a call today at 678-673-1400 to schedule any of our pressure washing services!

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Wherever you may be, we'll come to you to provide any of our pressure washing services for your property. Below is a list of areas we proudly offer pressure washing services:

If you're in any of these areas, don't hesitate to give us a call at 678-673-1400!

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deck washing

Residential Washing Services

If your home is in need of pressure washing for any of your exterior surfaces, we'll use our commercial-grade equipment to do the job right. We'll clean your home's roof no matter the material since we can adjust our washing to suit your exact needs. We can clean your driveway in front and your patio out back so every inch of your residential property is spotless!

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What’s Growing on My Roof?

If you notice dark green or black spots growing on your roof, it's likely algae. While common on outdoor surfaces, algae can be detrimental if left to grow because it can eat away at your roof's material. As soon as you notice algae growth, have us at Patriot Pro-Wash come provide a thorough roof cleaning. We'll get deep into every groove and crevice to remove tough algae stains to help prevent irreparable damage to your property. For the best preventative and cleaning care, call 678-673-1400 today!

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commercial pressure washing

Commercial Washing Services

If you own a commercial property such as one or more business buildings or a storefront, then we at Patriot Pro-Wash can make sure it makes the best impression on patrons! We can clean commercial buildings of any size and material so you can focus on the inner workings of your business without having to worry about the exterior's appearance.

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soft washing

Different Between Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

We specialize in pressure washing and soft washing using commercial-grade equipment. Our trusted professionals know how to adjust our washing to retain and promote the structural integrity of all your exterior surfaces, from concrete to pure wood. Soft washing is a more gentle version of pressure washing that cleans at a lower pressure for more delicate surfaces, but it still provides excellent results!

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Pressure Washing Articles

  • Rigorous Roof Cleaning For Thorough Results

    Our roof cleaning service is done by licensed and insured pressure washing professionals using commercial-grade equipment so you can be sure that we'll do a job well done. Having the team at Patriot Pro-Wash provide a roof cleaning will ensure your roof's structural integrity and your […]

  • Graffiti Removal For Gorgeous Surfaces

    Our pressure washing professionals at Patriot Pro-Wash provide the best graffiti removal service! Our commercial-grade pressure washing equipment handled by our experts means your property's exterior surfaces will be restored to their original luster after we blast away or lighten those unwanted spray paint marks. Call 678-673-1400 […]

FAQs Answered by Patriot Pro-Wash

We recommend that you get your patio cleaned at least once a year, but if it gets heavy traffic, then twice a year will help maintain your patio's appearance and structural integrity. It's best to have your patio cleaned in the Spring or Autumn because cold winters could freeze the water onto your surfaces and the hot summers could evaporate the water and chemicals, both preventing a thorough clean. Have the team at Patriot Pro-Wash provide a thorough patio cleaning!

Although your own staff might provide a great cleaning job for your commercial property, our team of licensed and insured professionals will provide a deep cleaning that thoroughly removes every bit of dirt, grime, and debris from any surface! If you have smooth surfaces on your building, such as metal, then DIY cleaning efforts are more likely to be successful. However, porous surfaces like wood and concrete or brick which has a lot of grooves and crevices are much more difficult to clean thoroughly.

To ensure your surfaces not only look nice but last longer, have the pros at Patriot Pro-Wash provide commercial washing services.

We will take the utmost care and attention to detail when providing you with a pool deck cleaning so we don't cause damage to the deck or your pool water. It's best to have a pool cover when requesting a professional cleaning since the chemicals could impact the health of the pool water. We always do our best to contain our materials and runoff to give you peace of mind!

Some roofs can handle regular high-power washing, such as metal or concrete rooftops, but other roofs—such as shingled roofs—are more delicate and need soft washing for their cleaning needs. No matter your roof's material, we can provide pressure washing or soft washing services that guarantee your satisfaction with our company.

Call 678-673-1400 today to have a pressure washing professional from us here at Patriot Pro-Wash provide a thorough cleaning of your Newnan property!

We Seek to Serve You. Contact Our Newnan Pressure Washing Experts Today!